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How the Restoration Process Works

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For many homeowners, you have never had to deal with filing an insurance claim and working with a restoration contractor. It is likely you don't know much about the restoration process and how it works. We give you the step by step on what to expect.

Step 1

First, you should contact your insurance company when discovering water damage, fire damage, mold damage or damage from a natural disaster and decide if you're going to submit a claim. If you need assistance determining if you should submit a claim, HCI Fire and Water can inspect the damaged area and give you an idea if the cost of restoration will be more than your deductible. 

Step 2

Quick response and being proactive from you as a homeowner helps to eliminate additional damage. Your next call after your insurance company should be a local restoration company,  a company like HCI Fire & Water Restoration has 24/7 response and is a local family-owned company. 

Step 3

HCI Fire & Water Restoration will come to your home and evaluate the damage to determine the next course of action and scope of work. Should your home need emergency mitigation, water extraction, drying, temporary board up or just an estimate for the repairs, we can help you through each and every step.

Step 4

HCI Fire & Water Restoration will be in contact with your insurance adjuster and make sure they receive all the necessary documentation to complete your claim. One of our project estimators will create a line by line scope of work and estimate and get an agreed upon price with your insurance adjuster.

Step 5

Once finalization of your scope of work is completed, we can then begin the process to restore your home. You may need the carpet re-installed, the drywall work completed, or a major reconstruction from a large loss.

Step 6

Homeowners - you can make selections regarding the interior elements of your home. You have the capabilities to make cabinet selections, flooring choices and paint colors should the need arise.

Step 7

Once all work has been completed, our estimators will conduct a final walk-through to make sure everything is completed to your satisfaction.