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Tuesday 27 September 2016

What You Need to Have Professionally Cleaned Before You Sell Your Home

Posted by at 1:13 PM

The effort that you put into cleaning your home will return to you in the form of a quick, easy sales process. People who clean their house, from top to bottom before viewings, statistically earn higher sales prices. A clean, well cared for home doesn’t raise a lot of questions regarding inspections, which means jumping through fewer hoops later in the sales process. While you may be able to take a rag to a counter top, professional cleaners with more experience, higher standards, and better equipment take the cleaning process deeper with more attention to detail. When you hire a professional cleaning service, here’s what you should asked to be cleaned before you sell your home.



Professionally cleaned floors make the whole house look better. Your home vacuum and mop don’t hold a candle to a steam cleaner and professional cleaning supplies. A steam cleaner can bring your old tile floors back to their original beauty, and leave your carpets fluffy and beautiful. Additionally, knowing the carpet needs cleaning is the perfect motivation to get your clutter out of the house. Ask any realtor, and they will tell you clutter is a huge drawback for home buyers.


Rooms that have been the primary home for pets should have a professional cleaning. You may think you’ve done a good job keeping on top of Mr. Whisker’s litter. You may think that the sofa in the basement the dogs sleep on doesn’t smell. To someone without pets, however, the odors could be very noticeable and off-putting. There’s so much that goes into getting rid of pet odor that it’s better not to risk doing it yourself.


If you have turned your basement or crawlspaces into a rec center, skip this step. If your basement is still dark and a little damp, get a professional cleaning to freshen the air. Mold is a huge problem for home buyers. Even if you don’t have a problem, getting your home certified mold free can be an expensive process. A professional cleaning will make the place smell fresh enough that mold won’t even cross a potential buyer’s mind.


Additionally, streak free windows (and counter tops, and glass doors, etc.) make any home look good as new. There’s an art to getting it right. Cleaning window screens is easy, as long as you have a compressed air blower, but it can prove difficult if you don’t. Fortunately, a professional cleaning service can make your windows shine, and the work is quick enough that it should be cheap as well.


If you live in an area with plenty of trees and bird droppings, getting someone up on the roof to pressure wash off the gunk is essential. A clean roof and clean gutters show that you’ve put care into your home over the years. Because this chore is slightly dangerous, gutters line the roof of your home and require you to use a ladder; it’s the perfect job to outsource to a professional. Gutter and drain cleaning professionals possess the right tools making the task quick and simple. This puts it at the right crossroads of economical and important to justify a professional cleaning.

Staging and cleaning your home are shown to improve the selling price. Put the effort into making your home look like new and the buyers will be able to see the value of your home. A dirty home looks bad even when it’s in great shape.

Make your home’s selling points shine; hire a professional cleaning service today!